UTech, Ja construction and architecture students receive scholarships from Jamaica Developers Association

Dean, Faculty of The Built Environment, Dr. Laurence Nuefville (left) shares a celebratory photo with scholarship recipients, Durval Clayton (2nd left), School of Building and Land Management (SBLM) final year construction engineering student and Caribbean School of Architecture (CSA) final year student Britney Byfield (2nd right), following a scholarship presentation on Wednesday, June 5, 2024 at the University of Technology, Jamaica, Papine Campus where Association’s Chairman, Dayton Wood (right) presented $350,000 scholarship awards to each of student.  Byfield received the inargural Joyce Bolton Memorial Scholarship established in May 2024 in honour of the company’s late Secrtary and Manager while Clayton was this year’s recipient of the Eustce Bird Memorial Scholarship.

The Jamaica Developers Association (JDA) on Wednesday, June 5, 2024, presented $1.2 million dollars in scholarships to three aspiring construction and architecture professionals studying at the School of Building and Land Management (SBLM) and the Caribbean School of Architecture (CSA) within the Faculty of the Built Environment (FOBE).  The students received their awards during a presentation ceremony held at the Shared Facilities Building at the University’s Papine Campus.
The scholarship recipients are: Durval Clayton, a final year BSc Construction Engineering student who received the JDA’s Eustace Bird Memorial Scholarship valued at $350,000 and Britney Byfield, also a final year student pursuing a BA in Architectural Studies who was awarded the inaugural Joyce Bolton Memorial Scholarship valued at $350,000.  Another finalizing student in the BSc. in Construction Engineering programme, Jevaughn Carey along with Annecia Gordon who is completing her Diploma in Construction Management were the recipients of the JDA’s Special Awards Bursaries of $250,000 each.
Established in 1969, the Jamaica Developers Association prides itself on building the technological capacity of the Jamaican development industry through the promotion of ethical and legal practices in the business and administration of real estate development in the country.
Highlighting the supportive relationship between the Jamaica Developers Association and the university, Mrs. Pauline Madourie, Scholarship Officer, University of Technology, Jamaica noted that the journey began with the “JDA approaching the UTech Foundation on May 25, 2004.” This was during the celebration of the Association’s 35th Anniversary at which time they established “the Eustace Bird Memorial Scholarship and our first recipient received $56,400” informed Mrs. Madourie.  She added, “today, the JDA can boast 1.2 million dollars for the 2023/2024 academic year.”  Mrs. Madourie further shared that late Eustace Bird, in whose name the first ever JDA scholarship was established, served “as the first Secretary and Manager of the Company for 22 years,” while the late Joyce Bolton in whose name the Association’s newest scholarship has been established, “served for 28 years in the organization” also assuming the role of Secretary and Manager.
Dean, Faculty of the Built Environment,  Dr. Laurence Neufville addresses the gathering during the scholarship presentation.

Dean, Faculty of the Built Environment, Dr. Laurence Neufville in his greetings congratulated the JDA team for supporting needy students at the University, noting that the goals of the JDA are well aligned with that of the university which aims to “produce excellent professionals who are able to support the constructed environment” especially “in this kind of new dispensation occasioned by climate change.” He pointed out that both UTech, Ja and the JDA have a moral and professional responsibility to respond to the challenges brought on by harsh and prolonged weather conditions so that “our built artifacts can be resilient to these new changes.”  The FOBE Dean, stated that the JDA’s scholarship presentation to the four UTech, Ja students was an indication of the team’s honouring said responsibility in the face of climate change.  “I want to thank you for recognizing your role, and responsibility, your corporate social responsibility and you have actually demonstrated that by supporting our students here at the University of Technology, Jamaica.” He further invited the JDA team to engage the students in the operations of the Association by providing them with opportunities for practical work experience. He also encouraged the awardees to give back to UTech, Ja upon completion of their studies.
Mr. Dayton Wood, Chairman, Jamaica Developers Association shares remarks during a scholarship presentation at the University of Technology, Jamaica on Wednesday, June 5, 2024, where the Association awarded a total of 1.2 million dollars to construction and architecture students enrolled at the School of Building and Land Management.

Acknowledging the significance of his team’s contribution to UTech, Ja, Chairman, Jamaica Developers Association, Dayton Wood stated, “we are only able to do what we do because institutions like UTech, develop students and our engineers, architects who assist us to build the products that are lasting and are credible to the country.”  He shared that the scholarship interview panel was impressed with this year’s recipients, observing that they are young people who are “making do with sometimes very little assistance, but they have really put their shoulders to the wheel and are committed and determined.”  The JDA Chairman noted that it is dedication such as this which has “inspired the Association to do whatever we can to increase the assistance that we are able to give on an annual basis.”
Head, School of Building and Land Management, Dr. Anetheo Jackson shares a congratulatory remarks during the presentation ceremony.
Dr. Anetheo Jackson, Head, School of Building and Land Management in her remarks noted that the occasion marks “a celebration of excellence generosity and ultimately, commitment to built environment education.” She thanked the JDA team for investing in the academic development of the UTech, Ja students.
Professor Garfield Young, former Dean, Faculty of The Built Environment, UTech, Ja makes a plea for future students to seize scholarship opportunities.
Professor Garfield Young, former Dean, Faculty of The Built Environment and whose dialogue with the JDA was fundamental in this year’s expansion of the initiative to include the establishment of the JDA’s inaugural Joyce Bolton Memorial Scholarship, described the support from the Association as “critical” and one which “contributes to the dream of our students.  Dr. Young noted the JDA’s support helps students to “realize their ambition and it supports what we do as a university, but bigger than that, it really strongly supports sustainable development of Jamaica.”  He applauded the collaboration between the university and the industry partner, noting that higher education is less about “people who lock themselves in a place and call themselves a university” and more about the “joint venture between industry and those of us in academia.”
Prof. Young also urged the scholarship recipients to encourage their peers to seize similar financial opportunities to aid their educational development as the Faculty sometimes sees a low take-up rate for scholarships advertised.  “With the very few agencies providing financial support, when we advertise, we shouldn’t have to go digging to find persons because from our standpoint in the Faculty, we know that the attrition is quiet high and it’s not because they are not able to study or to carry the workload, it is because they cannot afford it.” He welcomed future collaborations with the JDA noting that the students are being positively impacted.
Scholarship recipients Durval Clayton and Britney Byfield also expressed their profound gratitude to the JDA for investing in their education. Clayton in his response stated that the gesture “really shows how much there are eyes out there watching us and appreciating what we are doing”.  He added that “this incredible gift is a great help to the awardees financially allowing us to attend university with fewer debts.”  Byfield noted that not only did the donation provide well needed financial relief, but that the efforts of the JDA team, through the Joyce Bolton Memorial Scholarship has particularly aided her to pursue her dreams and to “contribute to the construction industry.”
Photo Highlights

Construction Management Diploma Student, Annecia Gordon delightfully displays a certificate representing her JDA Special Award Bursary following the scholarship presentation on Wednesday, June 5, 2024 inside LT49, UTech, Ja Papine Campus.

Celebrating with scholarship recipients of the Jamaica Developers Association Scholarships Durval Clayton (3rd left) and Briteny Byfield (3rd right) are Dr. Laurence Neufville (left), Dean, Faculty of The Built Environment, University of Technology, Jamaica, , Dr. Anetheo Jackson (2nd left) Head, School of Building and Land Management, Mrs. Pauline Madourie (2nd right), Scholarship Officer, UTech, Ja, and Mr. Dayton, Wood (right) Chairman, Jamaica Developers Association. 


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