Director's Message

Mr. Paulton Gordon Mission HARVEST:  ‘ Reaping the benefits of togetherness’

Community service has been historically placed at the forefront of the University’s core mandate and is indeed one of the pillars of the mission.  The entire University family is encouraged to be socially responsible by volunteering their time and competences in support of socio-cultural, economic and environmental endeavors.

Students at University of Technology, Jamaica contribute immensely to worthwhile causes through the community service programme  (CSP) module which affords them the opportunity to cover 40 hours of service at  a not for profit institution or state agency. The relationship is symbiotic as the institution bolsters their human resource needs while the interaction offers opportunities for students to grow in areas such as confidence, self-esteem, and empathy for the less fortunate.

The Department of Community Service initiates a number of outreach activities designed to support the needs of communities.  These activities include health fairs, seminars, vocational training, community sports and educational initiatives.  Independent of the centrally planned activities, faculties and department also advocate for and implement altruistic projects that benefit targeted communities and needy groups.

The thrust to serve is entrenched in the culture of the University and this has assisted in the positive relationship with the communities adjacent to our campuses as well as with the wider stakeholders who benefit from philanthropic endeavours.  As we strive to support those who are less fortunate, we continue to hope that we can ignite the passion for service and volunteerism across the length and breadth of Jamaica, land we love. 


Paulton Gordon