Prospective Undergraduate Students

When Do I Apply?

Application to the University for Academic Year beginning August 2024/2025 opens on October 2, 2023.

All applicants are encouraged to apply early for priority consideration.  There are two options when applying for admission, Early Bird option and Regular option. Late applications are only considered if there is space in the programme.

The Early Bird option is recommended primarily for highly qualified applicants, summer applicants and international applicants who would like an early decision on their application.  Any applicant may apply during this period.  Applications submitted during this period will be considered for admission and given an early decision.  An early bird applicant is one who has submitted an application along with supporting documentation by the stipulated deadline.  

The Regular option is the standard application option.


*Late Submission of Applications 

Late applications will be considered if there is space in the course of study and the applicant is qualified.  Applicants submitting late application should follow the normal procedure for submission of applications.

Second Choice Course of Study

Each applicant should submit one application form to the Institution.  An applicant will only be considered for a second choice course of study if space is available. 

Age for Acceptance 

An applicant will be considered for a course of study if s/he meets the normal matriculation requirements and is at least 17 years of age by December of the year of admission.


An individual, who is not eligible for admission under the normal entry requirements, may apply for entry via prior learning assessment. The applicant must demonstrate potential for undergraduate university studies by virtue of attainments, prior learning and/or relevant work experience, all of which must be relevant to the proposed course of study.   In addition, the application must be supported in writing by individuals having first-hand knowledge of the applicant's potential. The applicant’s knowledge, skills and competencies will be evaluated under the University's Prior Learning Assessment Policy for Matriculation into Taught Programmes, in order to determine their equivalencies to the University's entry requirements.  He or she may be required to attend an interview as well as successfully complete Foundation Mathematics and/or Foundations of Academic Literacy which are offered at the UTech,Ja Academy.  For further information please contact the Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) Unit, Academic Affairs Division, UTech, Ja. at 927-1680-8 ext. 3394. 


Each applicant who is offered a place at the University will be so advised by a letter from the Office of Admissions & Enrolment Management.  These applicants are required to pay a non-refundable Enrolment Commitment Deposit (ECD).  This fee will be applied to the University fees upon enrolment. An applicant’s acceptance can only be confirmed if the ECD has been paid.

If you require further information, please contact us or email us at, where your query will be logged.

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