Ques: Will payments at NCB, Paymaster or UTech,Ja allow for Financial Clearance immediately?
Ans: No, processing of all payment transactions requires at least 2 clear workings day.

Ques: How will UTech,Ja treat excess funds received from the Students’ Loan Bureau?
Ans: The Students’ Loan Bureau is committed to paying Tuition and Exam fees only. All excess funds received must be returned to the Bureau.

Ques: What will happen if the Students’ Loan Bureau remits my loan short?
Ans: You will have to pay the difference or apply to the Students’ Loan Bureau for reassessment.

Ques: If I register with a Letter of Commitment for a scholarship, can I make payment at the National Commercial Bank upon receiving the cheque from my sponsor?
Ans: No. All cheques originating from a Letter of Commitment must be received at the Finance & Business Service Office (Scholarship Office), so that both sponsor and student accounts can be updated accordingly.

Ques: If my sponsor commits to paying more than my fees, how early will UTech give me a refund?
Ans: Refunds will not be processed from a Letter of Commitment, but a refund of the excess in payment will be made after the University receives payment from the sponsor and the sponsor’s authorisation for UTech to make the refund payable to the student.

Ques: If I pay my fees to register and then am approved for a SLB loan during the year, when will I receive a refund?
Ans: A student can only be refunded his/her portion after SLB remits payment to the University.

Ques: I paid my fees in full but no modules are printed on my exam card. Will I be allowed to write the exams?
Ans: No. It is the responsibility of the student to check e:Vision to ensure that the modules registered for are on his/her diet. Missing modules must be reported to the Admissions Office, and not to the Accounts Department.

Ques: If my Loan is approved by the Students’ Loan Bureau and I have completed all the necessary processes at the Bureau, will UTech ensure that the Bureau remits payment on my behalf?
Ans: No. It is the sole responsibility of the student to ensure that the Students’ Loan Bureau remits payment to the University. Students can either check with Accounts Receivable, through the Students’ Portal on e:Vision, or with the Students Loan Bureau to verify that this has been done.

Ques: How will I know the actual payment that the Students’ Loan Bureau remits to the University?
Ans: All students whose fees are paid by the Students’ Loan Bureau must collect their SLB receipts at Accounts Receivable each semester as soon as they are available.

Ques: If the Students’ Loan Bureau (SLB) pays my fees, will I be awarded the ‘Grant- In-Aid’?
Ans: The Students’ Loan Bureau awards ‘Grant-In-Aid’ to students after evaluating their applications. However, students should check with SLB, the Students’ Receivable Unit in the Finance and Businesses Services Division and the Notice Boards on campus to see if they were approved for same.

Ques: What if I only need the ‘Grant-In-Aid’ and not the Loan?
Ans: The Grant-In-Aid is approved for students deemed needy by the Students’ Loan Bureau and, as such, students who do not need the Loan will not be given the Grant-In-Aid.

Ques: What will happen if I receive a full scholarship after being approved for the Students’ Loan and Grant-In-Aid?
Ans: The University will notify the Students’ Loan Bureau immediately and return both the Loan and the Grant-In-Aid.

Ques: If my account is in arrears, will UTech give me the opportunity to write my final exams?
Ans: All accounts should be financially cleared as specified by the Finance Department in order to sit the final exam.

Ques: If I registered on a plan and decide that I need to change my option, can this be done?
Ans: No, once you have paid your fees you are locked into that plan.

Ques: If I make payment at the National Commercial Bank or Paymaster and either agency remits the payment to UTECH 24 hours after the midnight of the due date, will I have to pay the late fee?
Ans: UTech will not penalize you if the payment to our collecting agencies was made to them on time yet they remitted it to us late. The late remittance will be a matter between the University and the collecting agency.

Ques: If I register for a Re-do but did not write the exam as I was unable to pay for the Re-do, will I have to pay the outstanding fee before registering for another school year?
Ans: If a student registers for a module by submitting the completed Re-do forms to the Admissions Office for processing and is absent from the examination without permission, a failing grade will be awarded and he/she will be liable for the associated charges. (See “Notice to Students Registering for Re-do” on the reverse of the “Re-do Registration” form.)

Ques: If I registered and paid my Re-do fees but did not write the exams, can I request a refund of my payment or can the payment be deferred to another school year?
Ans: The student should write to the Students Relations Office and the Faculty so that the case can be examined and a decision taken by the Faculty Board.

Ques: If I have overpaid on my fees, what is the procedure for the funds to be returned and how long would it take?
Ans: The “Fee Breakdown” and receipts must be copied and the copies taken to the Accounts Department and a Request for Refund Form completed. It will take a minimum of 10 – 15 working days after the documents are submitted before a cheque is prepared in the student’s name.

Ques: Will I be allowed to register for a new academic year with a balance outstanding?
Ans: All outstanding balances must be settled before a student is given financial clearance for a new academic year.

Ques: If I already have an insurance/health card, am I still required to pay the amount which is on the “Fee Breakdown”?
Ans: Yes, No student is exempted from this fee.

Ques: If I receive exemption for a certain number of modules will there be a reduction in my tuition fees?
Ans: No. Students are not entitled to a reduction in their fees if they have received exemptions.

Ques: If I am sponsored by SLB do I still have to pay to register?
Ans: Yes. Students are required to pay the auxiliary fees as SLB is responsible for tuition and examination fees only.

Ques: Will I be allowed to do part-payment for re-do?
Ans: No, Only full payments are acceptable.

Ques: After I have received my fee breakdown and made the necessary payments, am I registered?
Ans: No. students are not registered until they have completed the registration process online.

Ques: If my package is not ready and I need the fee breakdown to take to a financial institution for assistance, what can I do?
Ans: The student can request a letter from the Accounts Department stating the fees. This will take a minimum of three (3) working days.

Ques: If I am partially sponsored, can I do part-payment on the balance?
Ans: Students are required to act according to the payment plan they selected on registration.

Ques: Will I be allowed to register with a Commitment Letter?
Ans: Once the letter is approved by the Finance Office or the Financial Aid Office, you will be allowed to register.

Ques: Can we pay our fees in US$ if it is quoted in JA$?
Ans: If tuition and accommodation fees are quoted in JA$ or US$, the payment must be in the respective currency.

Ques: Why do we pay a Commitment Fee?
Ans: Payment of the Commitment Fee is an indication to the University that a prospective student is seriously considering pursuing studies. This fee represents the ancillary charges of your school fee.

Ques: What is the procedure to register for re-do?
Ans: To register for re-do, year 4-5 students should retrieve “Re-do” forms from their respective Faculty, complete, seek approval from the authorized Faculty officer, proceed to the Admissions Office for a fee breakdown, and then to Accounts for payment. Year 1–3 students should select the module(s) online and pay fees at the next available sitting.

Ques: How do you pay to “top-up” your printing quota at SCIT, CSA, and SBLM for print credit?
Ans: Pay at Accounts Department, present your ID and state the amount of pages you intend to buy. Proceed to the respective lab with receipt.

Ques: I paid to top up my printing quota but was informed at the lab that they are out of paper. Can I receive a refund of my payment?
Ans: The designated personnel at the lab must immediately sign and stamp the back of the receipt requesting that refund be made to student. Receipts not submitted on the same day will be paid by cheque, with a minimum of 10 working days.

Ques: If my Identification card is lost what should be done to get another?
Ans: Report immediately to the Admissions Office which will investigate.

Ques: What are the different methods of payment at UTech?
Ans: Payments can be made using debit/credit card, Manager’s Cheque (payable to the University of Technology, Jamaica). No cash allowed on campus for Tuition fee, only for miscellaneous transactions.

Ques: Can Re-do fees be paid for at Paymaster or the Bank?
Ans: We prefer to have that fee paid at the Accounts Department.

Ques: Can we make part payment for Accommodation?
Ans: Accommodation fee breakdown is quoted per semester so you pay per semester. Part payment is not allowed.

Ques: Can I get an official statement of my account balance?
Ans: Students are required to ask the Student Receivables Section for a letter stating their account balance. This usually takes at least three (3) working days or students can visit the Student Portal.

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