Procedures for Scholarship Recipients

  • Students who are recipients of full/part scholarships are required to make contact with the Scholarship Unit in the Financial Aid Office, and submit written verification of their scholarship and their Fee Breakdown Sheet. This is to allow for the registration of the scholarship on their account, so that they may receive financial clearance.
  • Scholarship recipients from any of our satellite campuses are required to submit the afore-mentioned documents to the Administrative Office at their respective campuses. The Campus Administrator/ Assistant Registrar of that campus will forward them to the Financial Aid Office at the Papine Campus for processing.
  • Scholarship recipients who do not have approved scholarship in time for the Census date, will be subject to the requirements of the Standard Fee Payment Plan.
  • Financial clearance can only be given when a written commitment is received by the Financial Aid Office or the minimum payment made, according to the approved payment plans. 
  • Where Scholarship commitment are not received by the Scholarship Office before the census date to allow for financial clearance, these students are subject to all conditionalities as stated in the approved payment plan.
  • Scholarship recipients are required to pay all fees in excess of the amount covered by the scholarship, in order to receive financial clearance in any given semester.
  • Scholarship students who have failed modules, will be required to bear the full cost to redo the modules; unless otherwise stipulated by the Donor in writing. Failure to pay for modules not covered by the Donor, will result in the account being blocked and delays in the award of financial clearance; until the account is regularized and the outstanding sums owed by the student is settled.
  • Students are required to liaise with the Financial Aid Office to ensure that the scholarship donor pays the agreed fees within the agreed time. 
  • If the scholarship donor fails to pay the required fees, the student is ultimately liable and will be required to pay all outstanding Fees, On Demand.