Prospective Students

About Co-op Ed (Quick Reference)

The availability of work integrated learning opportunities is a noted factor in our students' choice of undergraduate experience and university.

Here are six (6) things every (prospective) student should know about Co-op Ed:

Why should Co-op Ed be of interest to you?

UTech, Ja. has introduced Co-op Ed in most of its courses as it seeks to enhance the quality of your university education. Our university is committed to Co-operative Education as it sees it as a means of:

  • enabling you to engage in employment attachments that will allow you to achieve desired learning outcomes
  • equipping you with the necessary skills and competencies, thereby making you a more attractive candidate for permanent employment

To whom is Co-op Ed available?

All students of the University are eligible to participate in the Co-op Ed programme. Your participation can either be mandatory or voluntary, depending on the requirements of your course of study. Co-op Ed modules are normally offered to students who are in their second , third or fourth years of study. However, there are some certificate courses of study that require students to complete this module at the end of their first year.

How will you prepare to participate in Co-op Ed?

  • Seek information regarding the existence/ operation of the Co-op Ed programme in your School from its administrators.
  • Participate in Co-op Ed Awareness (Orientation) sessions arranged by your School at the time stipulated.
  • Participate in Employment Empowerment sessions arranged in collaboration with the Career and Placement Unit or in the Professional Development Seminars hosted by your School.
  • Submit your résumé at the time stipulated by your School's Co-ordinator.
  • Consult regularly your School's notice board for Co-op Ed updates.
  • Visit regularly the Co-op Ed Web Page for Co-op Ed updates.
  • Invest some time in reading the Co-op Ed Student Guide.
  • Engage us on Social Media via Facebook, Twitter and our Blog.

How is Co-op Ed placement done?

Step 1

  • You may be assigned randomly to Co-op Ed employers by the School's Co-ordinator.
  • You may apply for advertised positions or;
  • You may initiate your own placement however; this must be done in consultation with your School’s Co-ordinator.

Step 2

  • You may be required to participate in interactive sessions with prospective employers prior to placement. It is therefore your responsibility to prepare adequately to market your skills.
  • Where will you be placed?
  • You may be placed locally, regionally or internationally; normally for periods of between 4 - 30 weeks.

How will UTech, Ja. support you in Co-op Ed?

UTech, Ja. will:

  • seek to provide an "appropriate" work environment for you while you are on placement
  • make available to you and the host organisations, suitable documentation concerning the relationship among all stakeholders
  • maintain a supportive relationship with you through visits, telephone calls and electronic mail