About SHSS

The School of Humanities and Social Sciences (SHSS), which operates within a predominantly technical institution, affords the opportunity for the University of Technology, Jamaica (UTech, Ja.) to accomplish its goal of providing total education so that its graduates can become social beings and life-long learners.  The School consists of a unique Communication Arts and Technology programme that bridges the gap between theory and practical.  It also focuses heavily on the development of skills and the fostering of media and communication entrepreneurship.  Apart from this degree offering, the School, through its general education offerings in Academic Writing, Foreign Languages, Sociology, Psychology, Ethics, Philosophy and Politics, supplements disciplinary knowledge and training across the university, thus enabling students to develop their socio-professional skills in a highly technical environment.  Together, the two arms of SHSS contribute to the preparation of socially engaged, communicatively competent, technologically adaptive, responsive, creative and innovative global citizens.

Units within SHSS 
Communication Arts and Technology (CAT) 
Language Technology and Research Centre (LTRC)
Social Sciences Division (SS) 

For further information, please contact: 

Clover Jones-McKenzie, Ph.D.
Head of School
Tel: 927-1680-8, Ext. 3300