Core Values

The core values that will guide the institution have been explicitly stated and it is our intention that these values will infuse everything we do.

We believe in the dignity and intrinsic worth of all people and endeavour to celebrate individuals by fostering an appreciation of and respect for each other’s difference.

As a university community we value ethical behaviour in all our endeavours, whether scholarly, cultural or intellectual and expect all conduct to be grounded in integrity, mutual respect and civility.

We value excellence in our instructional, administrative and managerial pursuits, and are dedicated to the provision of academic courses of the highest quality in an environment that encourages excellence in research and scholarly activity employing the most effective tools, technologies and facilities for learning.

Innovation is encouraged inside and outside the classroom. We foster intellectual inquiry, exploration and discovery that transcend traditional boundaries in an atmosphere that celebrates creativity.

We pledge to work together in a spirit of cooperation to enrich the cultural environment. We will employ a decision-making style that stresses participation and consultation amongst administrators, faculty and students.

In the spirit of efficiency and effectiveness, we will embrace ownership of all our responsibilities and accept the principle that we are accountable for our actions.

We are committed to excellence and high quality service in all interactions with the immediate and wider community, demonstrating that we see service as being fundamental to our operations in all areas of university life.