What is Co-operative Education?

Co-operative Education is a structured approach to integrating classroom learning with on-the-job work experiences which are related to students' courses of study and career goals.

What is the Mission of UTech, Ja.'s Co-operative Education Programme?

UTech, Ja.'s Co-operative Education programme is designed primarily to :

  • provide our students with practical and professional exposure in real work settings, through internships, professional experience, practicum and other forms of work integrated learning activities.
  • provide industry with students who are equipped with the necessary skills and competencies that will enhance their position in a globally competitive environment.

The programme will also provide the employer with the opportunity to assist us in enhancing the quality of our graduates, thus maintaining our preferred position with our industry partners.

Benefits of Co-operative Education

For our Students

The Co-operative Education experience:

  • improves marketability
  • improves academic motivation
  • facilitates a better understanding of career choices and goals
  • provides opportunities for professional networking
  • increases understanding of workplace culture
  • facilitates the development of lifelong learning skills
  • enhances interpersonal and communication skills
  • aids in development of workplace competencies
  • advances overall maturity

As a student, you will be perceived as a preferred candidate for employment when you have participated in a Co-op Ed experience.

For our Industry Partners

  • Access to candidates with sought after skills that may not be available currently within the organization.
  • The benefit of fresh perspectives, zeal, and innovative thinking.
  • Affordable assistance with critical short-term projects which could result in cost-effective long term recruitment and retention.
  • The opportunity to partner with UTech, Ja, resulting in a ready supply of students/graduates who are trained to respond to the needs of the organisation.
  • Enhancement of corporate image and increased visibility across the University campus as a result of the organisation's involvement.

For our University

  • An active Co-operative Education programme is viewed favourably by students who are eager to identify suitable employment after graduation. Therefore, availability of work integrated learning opportunities is a noted factor in our students’ choice of undergraduate experience and university. 
  • Co-operative Education provides an opportunity for employers to assist in our students’ professional development and academic learning, thus enhancing the quality of our University’s courses of study. 
  • Interaction with the business community through the Co-operative Education programme allows our University to better align its courses (structure and content) with the current demands of the job market.