President’s Welcome Message

Message from the President


Dear Students,

Welcome to the University of Technology, Jamaica!  We are happy to have you with us and will work to keep you in good spirits.

Universities provide a new world of opportunities for all of us.  They should be exciting places that open up promising vistas of thought and learning.  They should expose you to new languages, technical concepts, and novel ways of tackling problems.  I hope that the University of Technology, Jamaica provides you with all these things, and more, as you pursue your studies with us.

And what might the “more” be?  My wish is that, as you pursue online activities, peruse books and manuals, and share exchanges with your teachers, you will grow in the love of knowledge.  I also hope that you will be pushed to achieve your potential and that when you leave the University, armed with suitable qualifications, you will be work-ready, confident and technically competent.

Many Jamaicans and Caribbean nationals yearn for a University education.  You have access: hold it, embrace it, enjoy it!  The future is yours, and it starts today.

I look forward to meeting you all.  Let us travel together on the road to Excellence Through Knowledge.

Stephen Vasciannie