Student Email

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SIGN IN! When you become an UTech, Ja. student, your Live@Edu email account is automatically created.  Sign in today to activate your account!

The URL to access your email is 

CHECK REGULARLY! The university will use this email address to send you important notices about your registration, course enrolment, financial aid, and more. 


Your Windows Live ID is your   
Example: John Anthony Brown’s email address would be

Your initial password is your student code (ID#) with the string ‘@nzhi  
Example: If your student code (ID#) is 9995555 then your initial password is 9995555@nzhi


  • The MSN browser does not work with Live@edu!  Use a supported browser.
  • You will need an alternate e-mail address in case you forget your password and need to be reminded.  If you don’t have one,, and all offer free email accounts.
  • You can access your email from any internet connection.
  • Stick to the right!  Sign in at the Windows Live ID prompt on the right.