Fee Payment Guide

The University of Technology, Jamaica Finance and Business Services Division has approved a fee payment guide and enrolment procedures for students attending the institution. Students are therefore required to comply with the rules stipulated in this guide which are subjected to change without notice.

Fee Structure

Fees payable upon registration at the beginning of the Academic Year are as follows:

  • Tuition
  •  Examination/Assessment fee  
  •  Ancillary (non-refundable)
    • Students’ Union
    • Health
    • Student Welfare Fund
    • Registration
    • Jam Copy Tariff
    • Health/Personal Accident Insurance (non-refundable)
  • All students are required to pay all the fee components outlined above. In addition, some Schools/Courses of Study may have other prescribed fees for particular activities. That is Axis Journal fee – applicable to Faculty of Built Environment and Law Library fee – Faculty of Law, etc.
  • Recipients of loans from the Students’ Loan Bureau (SLB) are required to settle, prior to registration – all fees that are not covered by the SLB. The SLB covers tuition and assessment fees only.  
    • SLB will only pay for the maximum number of credits for each level.
    • Students are required to check that the number of credits for each semester is in line, to ensure that they do not exceed the amount approved at the bureau.  Should they exceed the SLB amount agreed , student will be required to pay the difference
    • SLB do not cover the cost for pre-university modules.
  • Full/Partial Scholarship students will be required to report first to the Financial Aid Office (Scholarship), with the commitment letter received from the sponsoring organization, for verification and approval.

Payment Information 

The payment options applicable are as follows:

Option A:  “Full Payment” (at the beginning of a course of study). Fees are paid in full at the start of each year of the Course of Study.

Option B:  “Part Payment” This option is for persons who are unable to pay the full fees up front. This is a binding agreement that will allow you to pay the full cost of the Course of Study as per the due date outlined on the student invoice.  This payment option is not dependent on the courses taken per semester.

Therefore, students are urged to review the options available and decide on the most suitable plan. The names of the students who fail to comply with their payment agreement as per registration will be published and sent to an external debt collector.

The last payment plan viewed online will be the plan that will be reflected on your account, hence student will be liable to fee stated on the system and their account.

Penalties for Non-Compliance

A Student will be deemed to be in arrears if:

  • Fees from previous years are unpaid (not normally be allowed to register)
  • An expected payment is not received on or before the due date, or
  • Any late fees or miscellaneous fees are unpaid.
  • Students who are in arrears will not be afforded normal student privileges, including access to the library.
  • Students who are in arrears will be deregistered.
  • Individuals attending class who have not registered, or who have been deregistered, are not students.
  • Students whose payments are late will be charged a late fee.
  • Delinquent persons will not be eligible for Option B for the remainder of the duration of their course of study. (Fees must, therefore, be paid in full upon registration)

Students who have been deregistered are liable for the amount in arrears and no amounts will be refunded.

Financial Clearance

Financial clearance is given automatically; therefore no manual clearance will be given. At least two (2) clear working days, after payment has been made, is required to process all transactions for financial clearance. Once the required payment has been received, you will be financially cleared using the automated clearance process. Students will not be required to visit the office of the Accounts Department for financial clearance.

Students will receive messages to their portal to inform them of their registration status. You should monitor your portal ‘In tray’ for messages regarding your financial clearance.  If after two (2) clear working days following fee payment a financial clearance message does not appear in the ‘In tray’, please contact Students Receivables by email: recaccounts@utech.edu.jm.

The notification message you will receive in your in tray may include;

  • “You have been financially cleared……”
  • “You have not paid the requisite amount to be registered….. The remaining balance must be settled to avoid penalties.
  • “Your financial status cannot be assessed because you have not confirmed your selections.

Please pay special attention to the instructions displayed which may indicate that there is a problem with your registration. Follow the recommended actions. You cannot be registered unless:

    1. you confirm your module selections/you have selected your payment plan
    2. the requisite fees have been paid in full

NB. Financial clearance approval is given electronically based on  your invoice and payment agreement.

* Follow the enrolment steps outlined by the Admissions Office, you cannot be registered unless the requisite fees have been paid and financial clearance approval given electronically based on your invoice and payment agreement.